L'artiste Bazille


Product Details


One of Frédéric Bazille’s most famous paintings, The Pink Dress, isolates the figure of his cousin seated on a hill, beholding the landscape before her; the folds and texture of her dress’ fabric are beautifully contrasted by the luminous backdrop of the city of Montpellier. This beautiful oil painting’s showcases Bazille’s talent for innovation as he transforms the traditional portraiture style into something entirely new. 

As this great painter expanded on the classics, so does the European oak Bazille bring the beauty of neutral hardwood floor into modern design. With a neutral stain and a fashionable 8 5/8” wide wire-brushed plank, this hardwood floor is both classic and contemporary. 

UF Lartiste Bazille room scene.jpg

UF Lartiste Bazille.jpg
UF Lartiste Bazille side.jpg

Tecnical Specs


SPECIES: European Oak

STRUCTURE: Engineered

WIDTH: 8.625"*

LENGTH: 85% up to 87"



INSTALL TYPE: Glue, Nail/Staple

SQ. FT. / BOX:31.26 ft