L'artiste Chavannes


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Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, a muralist who became known as the “painter for France”, was an influential artist. Chavannes had the innate ability to create works of art that appealed to the masses, everyone finding something to love and appreciate within his grand masterpieces. 

Like this prolific painter’s work, so does the European oak Chavannes floor appeal to a variety of design styles. Natural color in each 8 5/8” wide plank is brought forth and emphasized with a reactive stain, giving this beautifully neutral floor a reclaimed and historic appearance. Delicately accentuated with a wire-brushed texture, the wood grain of genuine European oak is on full display and ready to be admired by all those who behold it. 

UF Lartiste Chavannes room scene.jpg

UF Lartiste Chavannes.jpg
UF Lartiste Chavannes side.jpg

Tecnical Specs


SPECIES: European Oak

STRUCTURE: Engineered

WIDTH: 8.625"*

LENGTH: 85% up to 87"



INSTALL TYPE: Glue, Nail/Staple

SQ. FT. / BOX:31.26 ft