L'artiste Morisot


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Berthe Morisot, a French Impressionist painter, focused her painting on a variety of different subjects. From pristine landscapes to portraits and domestic scenes. Her paintings were the work of careful, diligent study. Each delicate brushstroke in its precise and purposeful place. From her watercolors, charcoal drawings, oil paintings, and more, each stroke of her brush or dash of her pencil was a focused act of inspiration. 

Her diligence and stunning technique is exhibited it the luminous quality of the European oak Morisot floor. Beautiful wood grain patterns are coupled with a reactive stain, lightly bringing out the natural splendor of genuine European oak. The charming knots and mineral streaks on each 8 5/8” wide plank are creations of nature as lovely and as purposeful as Morisot’s many works of art. 

UF Lartiste Morisot room scene.jpg

UF Lartiste Degas plank.jpg
UF Lartiste Morisot side view.jpg

Tecnical Specs


SPECIES: European Oak

STRUCTURE: Engineered

WIDTH: 8.625"*

LENGTH: 85% up to 87"



INSTALL TYPE: Glue, Nail/Staple

SQ. FT. / BOX:31.26 ft