L'artiste Pissarro


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Camille Pissarro, known as the “Father of Impressionism”, found beauty in the ordinary. His stirring paintings found their subjects doing everyday activities and going about their daily lives. Brilliant brushstrokes captured the loveliness of life and light, turning the mundane into something truly extraordinary, proving that there truly is beauty anywhere if you care to look. 

Pissarro’s talent for immortalizing beauty spurred the crafting of the European oak Pissarro. Elegant white details in the grain, achieved through the ancient art of cerusing, and a delicate brushed texture make this floor the masterpiece it is. 

UF Lartiste Pissarro Room view.jpg

UF Lartiste Pissarro .jpg
UF Lartiste Pissarro side.jpg

Tecnical Specs


SPECIES: European Oak

STRUCTURE: Engineered

WIDTH: 8.625"*

LENGTH: 85% up to 87"



INSTALL TYPE: Glue, Nail/Staple

SQ. FT. / BOX:31.26 ft