L'artiste Renoir


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A well-known and celebrated artist of the Impressionist movement, Pierre-Auguste Renoir reveled in the beauty he painted. A lover of all things beautiful, his work is full of sparkling color and the brilliant playing of light. A man of great passion, Renoir’s paintings are characterized by a richness of emotion and a sincerely warm response to the world around him and all the people who call it home. 

The wire-brushed European oak Renoir mirrors this intrinsic warmth and love of beauty. With a balanced and neutral color, this 8 5/8” wide plank floor will infuse into your home the same life and richness of feeling of Renoir’s most beloved works of art. 

UF Lartiste Renoir room view.jpg

UF Lartiste Renoir .jpg
UF Lartiste Renoir side view.jpg

Tecnical Specs


SPECIES: European Oak

STRUCTURE: Engineered

WIDTH: 8.625"*

LENGTH: 85% up to 87"



INSTALL TYPE: Glue, Nail/Staple

SQ. FT. / BOX:31.26 ft